Our Services




HELP's skilled team of Crisis worker's provide a 24-hour-a-day service to survivors of sexual violence through HELP's support line.

Crisis Work Offers

  • 24/7 support line - Whether your experience of sexual violence is recent or in the past, you can contact our Crisis team for emotional support at any time. Call 04 801 6655 and press 0.

  • Call-outs - Our Crisis team is available to attend medical and police processes following sexual assault. The police will often call HELP and ask us to attend interviews so that we can support survivors through this difficult process. We attended 163 call-out's last year alone. 

Costs and availability

Our services are available in Wellington, Porirua, and Kāpiti. If you are from the Hutt region, you may wish to contact your local survivors support service Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing (HV SASH).


There is no cost associated with our crisis service, for you or your family whānau.


Social Work


If you contact HELP through our 24/7 support line or are referred to HELP by some other means, you will be allocated a Social Worker who can provide you and your family whānau with emotional and practical support.

Social work offers

  • Social workers provide education around trauma and sexual violence. They help manage the impact of trauma and ensure ongoing therapeutic needs are met

  • Support through police processes or court processes

  • Support at wellbeing appointments such as GP appointments

  • Support to access the appropriate longer-term service that works for you

Costs and availability

Our services are available in Wellington, Porirua, and Kāpiti.

There is no cost associated with our social work service, for you or your family whānau.




At HELP, we have a team of qualified and experienced counsellors, including Māori practitioners who support people affected by rape, sexual abuse, and family violence. 

Counselling offers

  • An opportunity to build a relationship of trust with a counsellor

  • A safe and confidential relationship within which to explore difficult and painful thoughts and feelings related to experiences of rape, sexual abuse, and family violence

  • Support to understand the complex ways abuse may have affected life and relationships

  • Support to explore and  understand your own, or other peoples’ responses to the abuse

  • An opportunity to develop new skills and resources for coping, and renewed capacity for self-determination

Costs and availability

Our services are available in Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti.

Most people qualify for ACC funded counselling services. 

If someone does not meet the ACC criteria for counselling support, one of our social workers can assist to explore other options for funding or accessing counselling support.

It is not always possible to see a counsellor immediately. In these cases one of our trained and experienced social workers may be available to provide support, until a counsellor becomes available.


Advice and Education

HELP offers

HELP provides education for police, doctors and other community stakeholders.

Our education programmes are focused on reducing the impacts of sexual violence on individuals, family and whānau, and the wider community.

We are available to provide workshops and seminars.