Speak out for Survivors

Wellington HELP is not only a support service for survivors, but an advocate for change. We want survivors to have a better experience through things like the justice system (should they chose to report) and to feel safer in our regions shared spaces. We also want to ensure we are providing the right support for our diverse communities.

If you would like to help support change for survivors in Aotearoa New Zealand, check out ways to engage and feedback below. 

Sexual Violence Legislation Bill

This bill amends the Evidence Act 2006, Victims’ Rights Act 2002, and Criminal Procedure Act 2011 to reduce the retraumatisation victims of sexual violence may experience when they attend court and give evidence.

Find out more about the bill below. If you would like to see the proposed bill become law, you can contact your local MP and encourage them to support the bill. We even have a link to a sample letter below!

Harmful Digital Communications Ammendment Bill

This bill would amend the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 to make it an offence to post an intimate visual recording online, knowing that the individual who is the subject of the recording has not expressly consented to it being so posted.


Submissions are now open. Tell the Justice Committee what you think about the bill by midnight on Friday 23 April 2021.

Out in the City 27 March

Queeries for HELP

Wellington HELP supports people of all genders, sexual orientations and sex characteristics that have encountered sexual abuse. But we would love to know even more about our queer community and how we can best support them.

We went along to the Out in the City event on Saturday 27 March and asked our queer community to feedback on the folowing questions:

  1. What does a rainbow friendly sexual violence support service look like for you?

  2. What are barriers to you feeling safe around accessing a sexual violence support service?

  3. Who are Wellington HELP to you?

If you would also like to feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please email us using the link below.