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NopeSisters Clothing

Buy a 'NOPE' or 'ME/WE TOO' Tee from the NopeSisters and the profits of every shirt sold supports survivors of sexual violence

Wellington sisters Brittany and Johanna Cosgrove have a passion for fashion with purpose, which gives back to charity, and sparks conversations about topics which are very personal to them.

"The aim of our NOPE tee is to empower survivors of sexual violence and abuse while also giving profits to our partner charity Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation" NopeSisters designer, Brittany Cosgrove says.

For these young women, their own personal experience with sexual assault and its long term impact, has driven their huge concern over the high statistics of sexual abuse and violence in New Zealand, and prompted them to design a NOPE shirt focused on sexual consent.

This tee 'shouts' a message to all genders to respect and listen to each other during sex, with one simple word - NOPE !

The Good Registry logo

Give the gift of giving. More joy—less waste

Wellington HELP is a chosen charity of The Good Registry, an organisation encouraging gift giving with less waste. If you have a birthday/wedding/event for which you would normally receive gifts, you can instead ask your friends and whanau to contribute a cash donation to your chosen charity through The Good Registry. You can also buy gift cards for others so that they might chose the charity they'd like to support.

The following organisations provide significant and ongoing support to Wellington HELP:

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