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Everyone deserves support, regardless of gender or sexuality.

If you need immediate support please call our 24/7 support line

0800 FOR HELP (0800 367 4357)

Press 0 from the menu

How can we help?

If you or someone you know needs support and would like to access our services, let us know by completing one of the forms below.

Once we have received your form, we will be in touch within 3-5 business days.

Self-referral form

If you would like to access our specialised support services, please complete our self-referral form

Friend or whānau referral form

If you have a friend or family member that would like to access our services, please completes our friend and whanau referral form.

Client referral form

If you have a client who needs specialised support, please complete our client referral form.

What Happens Next?

We offer a range of services on a case by case basis.

Our services are available to anyone who has been affected by sexual violence- no matter age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity. Whether you experience was recent or not, if you or your whānau need support, we are here for you.

24/7 support line

We provide a 24-hour-a-day service to survivors of sexual violence through HELP's support line. Whether your experience of sexual violence is recent or in the past, you can contact us for emotional support at any time.

Call us on 0800 FOR HELP (0800 367 4357) and press 0 at the menu

Call Out Service

Our team are available to attend, support and advocate for you while providing a statement to the police and attending medical examinations.


You do not need to report your experience to the police to access our support. If you do choose to report your experience to the police, they will often offer to call HELP for you and ask us to attend interviews so that we can support you through this difficult process.

Social Work

Our social workers can provide you and your whānau with emotional and practical support. They will provide you with methods to help manage the impact of trauma and ensure your ongoing therapeutic needs are met. They can also help you access longer-term support that works for you. 

Justice Support

If you choose to report your experience and go to court, we have Justice Support Advocates who can be with you every step of the way. Their priority is your wellbeing and ensuring you feel safe and supported as they help you navigate court processes and systems.


We have a team of qualified and compassionate counsellors including ACC registered providers. Through therapeutic methods such as talking, art therapy or animal therapy our team helps you explore difficult thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing and help you move from surviving to thriving.


We provide vital education about how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence to the police, doctors, clinicians and organisations across Wellington. If someone reaches out for help, we want to ensure they get the support they need. 


For further information about our services and education programmes, please contact

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