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Fundraise for

You can fundraise for us at all alert levels, we just need to get creative! Check out some of our ideas below and share your ideas and photos Instagram. Don't forget to tag us @wgtnhelp on Instagram and @wellingtonHELP on Facebook.

Burger Wellington

Burger WellingtonHELP

We may be in lockdown but we can still feast on burgers! Design and cook a burger, invite your lockdown whānau to pay koha to enjoy your creation. You could even rank each others burgers and make it a competition!

Quiz with friends and whānau

Create a quiz and host it online or in person. Participants can pay koha to take part.

Person thinking
Tea and cake

Virtual or in person morning tea

Check in with your colleagues, connect with others and raise money for survivors over a cup of tea, pizza or whatever treats take your fancy.

Have any ideas?

Had any creative ideas to fundraise in lockdown? Let us know so we can help inspire others.

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