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Available Support

Whānau and Friends

Specialised support can help you process your experience and move forward. However, we understand it can be difficult to ask for help.

Seeking support can be scary

There are a variety of reasons survivors don't ask for support, such as:

  • You may feel nervous or find it difficult to ask for support 

  • You may be worried about being believed

  • You may think you will be blamed

  • You may think that your experience wasn't 'bad enough' to get help

  • You may feel ashamed of what happened to you

  • You may not have told anyone about what happened to you and be fearful of talking about it.

All these feelings are normal and expected,  it is important to know- if it matters to you, it matters to us. At HELP, we provide a safe, judgement-free space where survivors can access support. You do not have to talk about what happened in order to get help; our experienced team is led by you and are here to listen and support you however you need.


No matter the circumstances, it was not your fault and you deserve support. 

What support is available?

At HELP, we offer immediate, short-term and long-term specialised support services to all survivors of sexual harm/violence, their whānau and their friends in Wellington City, Porirua and Kāpiti. 

If you or someone you know needs immediate support, call our 24/7 Support Line on 0800 FOR HELP (0800 367 4357) and press 0 at the menu to talk to someone. 

If the line is busy, please leave a voice message with your name and contact number (if you feel comfortable doing so), and we will call you back as soon as possible. 

Other support services

Many fantastic organisations across Aotearoa New Zealand provide support for survivors of sexual harm/violence or general mental health support. It is important that you find the right support that best suits your needs. If we are not the best organisation to suit your needs, we will help you to find a support service that is best for you. 


No matter where you live in New Zealand, support is available. Te Ohaakii a Hine – 

National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together, have a directory of local services

across the country, so you can find the best one for you. To find nationwide support services, please click here


Here are some support services for….


All survivors


 Female survivors 


Male survivors


The rainbow community


Children and young people


Senior Survivors


Sex Worker Survivors


Student Survivors

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