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Leaving a bequest to HELP is a profound and meaningful way to ensure our work with survivors of sexual abuse and their whānau continues.

Why leave a bequest to HELP?

The work we do with sexual abuse survivors is vital, yet our sector in New Zealand is deeply under-resourced.

Being a non-profit registered charity, we rely heavily on government funding and the generosity of everyday New Zealanders. Still, our sector is deeply underfunded.

​We have been working with survivors of sexual abuse in the Wellington region since 1985. And we will fight to our last breath to continue doing so for many decades to come. The demand for our services is overwhelming. We are a small, vibrant capital city. Yet in this wonderful place we call home:

  • 1 in 3 girls will be subject to an unwanted sexual experience by the age of 16

  • 1 in 7 boys will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18

  • 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault as an adult

These aren't just statistics - these are Our People. Your bequest can make a significant contribution to HELP's work in protecting and restoring the lives of of Wellingtonians afflicted by the ravages of sexual abuse.

How do I leave a bequest to HELP?

If you are considering leaving a bequest to HELP, there are four ways you may channel this gift to us:

  • Residuary - this refers to the remainder of your estate after other specific gifts have been dispensed

  • Percentage - a percentage of the remainder of either your estate, or of the estate before gifts have been dispensed

  • Specific Asset - shares, real estate, bonds of singular gifts of value

  • Pecuniary - an exact amount gift of cash

If you have already established a will, you can add HELP as a beneficiary to it by way of a codicil. A codicil lets you make amendments to your existing Will without the need to completely rewrite the original document.

How do I write my bequest to HELP as a codicil to my will?

As part of this process, we recommend you talk to a lawyer or trusted financial advisor. Wording a bequest is very simple. We would recommend something along the lines of:

"I bequeath, free of all estate charges, to the Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation-Charity Registration #CC26255-the pecuniary cash amount of $____ (or) ___% of my total estate (or) the residuary value of my estate (or) specific assets of _________ from my estate for (either) this/these specifics function/s of the organisation (or) the general purposes of the organisation. 

I affirm a receipt issued to an appropriate authorised officer of the Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation, will be a full and adequate discharge to my trustees."

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift to HELP in your will, we encourage you to contact us in the strictest of confidence.

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