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Your Street Appeal

15 May - 30 June

With the current covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to hold our regular street appeal. We need your help bringing Your Street Appeal to your own neighbourhood or network. As a volunteer you will be given leaflets and quizzes to distribute, inviting neighbours to take part and compete against one another - with social distancing adhered to of course. 

Why is an appeal so important right now?

As well as raising funds, the annual appeal is a key opportunity to talk to the community about sexual violence and ensure Wellingtonians know where to seek the support they need. This is a particularly important time to support survivors - sexual violence doesn't stop during the lockdown! 

What is Your Street Appeal?

We can't get out on the streets this year, so we've decided to bring the appeal to your immediate networks and neighbourhoods instead! We hope you'll help.

From 15 May - 30 June, we're inviting you to bring Your Street Appeal to your own community. We imagined this as the community you live in - your local area or the street you live on - but it could also be your work community, or any other online network you might be part of - such as a choir, church group or student network. 

Whatever your chosen community, we'll be providing leaflets, quizzes and puzzles for you to share - inviting your neighbours and networks to take part and compete against one another, whilst raising funds for our work with survivors. 

How does it work?
We will provide packs containing everything needed. Volunteers will be invited to distribute the materials, and then share the quiz or puzzle answers afterwards. 

You may know how this could work best in your chosen community. Perhaps you have a street Facebook group or Whatsapp chat where you can share results, or maybe you could display answers in your window or front gate. If you run it with colleagues, maybe an email would do the trick. We'd be happy to come up with a solution with you if you're unsure how things might run. 

Whilst in previous years volunteering has involved the collection of cash, we are planning this to be a predominantly cash-free appeal. For those who would like to take part in the activities we will recommend making an online donation via our givealittle page

Help us now
If you are interested in helping, please complete the below online form. We will then provide you with the tools to take Your Street Appeal to your own community.

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