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Answers to the community quiz

Thanks for taking part in the community quiz!
Check out the answers and then donate to support survivors of sexual abuse!

Round one: Who watched too much tv during lockdown?

  1. In what year was the first Toy Story film released?

  2. In which TV Series might you come across The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park?"
    (Tiger King)

  3. "In space noone can hear you scream" Name that film?

  4. Which popular comedian and actor plays Tony in Netflix series After Life?
    (Ricky Gervais)

  5. What was the name of the skyscraper in DieHard?
    (Nakatomi Plaza)

  6. Who wrote the screenplay for Rocky?
    (Sylvester Stallone)

  7. Which actor played Snape in the Harry Potter films?
    (Alan Rickman)

  8. Which NBA basketball team is the predominant focus of recent Netflix series The Last Dance?
    (Chicago Bulls)

  9. Which NZ film-maker was recently announced as director of the upcoming Star Wars film?
    (Taika Waititi)

  10. Which American sitcom starring the Pritchetts and the Dunphys recently finished after 11 series? 
    (Modern Family)

Round two: Who walked all over town?


  1. What is the year on the Mount Vic tunnel?

  2. Which watefront sculpture was broken by a rowdy resident in 2018?
    (Water Whirler, artist Len Lye)

  3. How many buckets in Cuba Street bucket fountain?

  4. Which nature reserve in Wellington city has an 800 year old Rimu tree?
    (Otari Wilton’s Bush)

  5. Which is the oldest surviving recreational hut in the Tararua Ranges?
    (Field Hut)

  6. From which well known day-walk can you see Kāpiti Island?
    (Paekakariki Escarpment Track)

  7. What is the name of the fountain at Oriental Bay?
    (Carter Fountain)

  8. How many stops on the East by West ferry route?
    (4/5 - Petone, Matiu/Somes Island, Eastbourne, Seatoun and Queens Wharf)

  9. How many traffic light crossings in Wellington city feature kapa haka figures?
    (7 - Taranaki St, Dixon St, Courtenay Pl and Manners St intersection;  Cnr Taranaki St, Jervois Quay; Cnr Taranaki and Cable Sts; Cnr Jervois Quay and Cable Sts; Cnr Cable and Tory Sts; Cnr Cable St and Oriental Pde; Cnr Cable and Chaffers Sts)

  10. This well-known Wellington cat shares his name with something that might be worn on a cold day.  Who is he?

Round three: Who's been doing lots of cooking?

  1. To which flower family does the Jerusalem artichoke belong?

  2. In which country is the fermented drink kombucha believed to have originated?

  3. What has been the globally most Googled recipe during the lockdown period?
    (Banana bread)

  4. From which nation does the insta-famous Dalgona coffee - made from instant coffee, sugar and hot water - originate?
    (South Korea)

  5. Which New Zealand chef rose to fame after winning the TV series Masterchef in 2011?
    (Nadia Lim)

  6.  Which is Wellington city’s oldest operating restaurant?
    (The Green Parrot)

  7.  In which decade did the famous Kiwi Dip first originate?

  8. What’s the famous motto of the Edmonds cookbook?
    (Sure to rise)

  9. What is another (non-scientific) name for the vegetable known as oca?
    (New Zealand yam)

  10. What was called ‘Italian asparagus’ when it was introduced to England in the mid-18th century?

Round four: Who's brushed up on their general knowledge?

  1. Romans used urine (because of the presence of ammonia) in place of what modern day toiletry product?

  2. What is the modern name for Van Diemen's Land?

  3. How many people have walked on the moon?

  4. Van Gogh sold how many paintings during his lifetime?

  5. Which of Henry VIII's wives shared a name with a British-American actress?
    (Jane Seymour)

  6. This common feature of clothing was prototyped by Whitcomb Judson in 1893.  What is it?  
    (The zip)

  7. What was the last state incorporated into the US?
    (Hawaii, in 1959)

  8.  A gift of what is traditionally given for a 20th wedding anniversary? (clue - the same word was also the answer for a previous question!)

  9. What year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

  10. Which Scottish DJ was born Adam Richard Wiles in January 1984?
    (Calvin Harris)

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