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  • Conor Twyford

HELP hosts launch of important resource for survivors working through the courts

Today, Parliamentary Under-Secretary to the Minister of Justice (Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues), Jan Logie, launched a new website to provide information about justice processes to survivors of sexual violence and their advocates:

Today also marks the launch of a new report from the Ministry of Justice, Improving the justice response to victims of sexual violence: victims’ experiences. The Ministry of Justice is currently implementing a suite of operational changes aimed at improving the experience for sexual violence complainants in the criminal justice system, with an emphasis on reducing the risk of revictimization.

Wellington HELP applauds the work done to create resources to support sexual violence victims’ as well as improve their experience in the justice system. “This resource is another important step in our journey to rid New Zealand of sexual violence,” says HELP Wellington chief executive Conor Twyford.

“Many victims of sexual violence find that their lives are severely negatively impacted by the offending in wide ranging ways, but particularly in relation to emotional and mental health. The courts are an area where in my relatively short time at HELP I have seen how retraumatising and disempowering that process can be for victims. Anything that assists survivors to navigate the process better, hold onto their power, must be applauded.



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