Supporting our diverse communities

Wellington HELP support anyone in our community that has encountered sexual violence

Maori and Pasifika

  1. All personal information is stored and shared in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act (1993), the Health and Disability Information Privacy Code (1994),The Health Information Regulation (1996) and HELP staffs' Professional Code of Ethics.​

  2. HELP respects that information shared by a client belongs to the client. However, appropriate client information may be shared within the agency, as deemed necessary for the client's safety and wellbeing.

  3. Client information will not be shared with others unless:​

    • The client gives permission, preferably in writing

    • There are significant issues of safety or wellbeing that legally or ethically require HELP staff to breach confidentiality

    • HELP is legally required to meet accountability and contractual requirements of government funding agencies

    • HELP staff and ACC Contractors are summoned to give evidence in court proceedings or HELP is subpoenaed to provide case notes in relation to the court​​

  4. Where HELP suspects a child or young person may have been abused or if a worker has reason to believe that a child is unsafe  or in need of care and and protection, a notification will be made to Oranga Tamariki.


Rainbow community

Rainbow community

For the purposes of this document "workers" shall be taken to mean all workers associated with HELP, including ACC Contractors and Trustees, unless otherwise specified.​


Fundamental to this Code is the responsibility of every worker to self, to clients, to the organisation and its community, and to the provision of service. Workers primary responsibility is to their clients. Workers also have a responsibility to their colleagues and to HELP and are entitled to respect within all their relationships.

This Code of Ethics includes:

  • Ethical principles

  • Ethical decision making

  • Ethical complaints procedure


Disabled people

Throughout the complaints process, both parties may take a support ​person of their choice. Submitting a complaint about Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation services will not result in any prejudicial/negative treatment for you at HELP.


24/7 Crisis Support Line

04 801 6655 & push 0 at the menu

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